Colleen O'Shell

Subject Areas: Chemistry and Physics

Partner Fellow: Emily Dunkel

Short Bio:

  • BA Chemistry 1992 Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • MAT Secondary Education 2001 Wayne State University
  • 1 year of medical school at Michigan State University
  • Taught Physical Science, Biology, and Environmental Issues for 1 year at South Lake High School in St. Clair Shores, MI before moving to Boston
  • 2nd year at CRLS - teaching all Chemistry this year and taught Physics and Chemistry last year

Areas of interest:

  • Helping students discover a love and appreciation for science by making each topic relevant to their lives as they are TODAY
  • Helping students develop the skill of independent thinking and making educated decisions that have to do with curriculum as well as life in general
  • Rethinking the traditional high school model as we know it today
  • Progressive, inquiry based science education

Reason for involvement in the GK-12 Program:

  • The chance for students to interact with a scientist on a weekly basis
  • The professional comraderie between practicing scientists and educators
  • Modeling nontraditional science education methods that kids actually like and learn the same, if not more, than traditional methods
  • Being able to develop a relationship with Harvard and all it has to offer me and my students