Charles Duggan

Subject Areas: Physics

Partner Fellow: Brian Murphy

Short Bio: Charlie came to Rindge and Latin after teaching 8 years in the Swampscott Public School System where he taught chemistry, physics, and astronomy as well as working with the Science and Chess teams. He is currently a CRLS Science Team coach with several other teachers from the high school and is the president of North Shore Science League.

Areas of interest: Family, running, home repair, jazz, and the stock market.

Reflections on GK-12 Program involvement: I am new to CRLS and the GK-12 program. When I started it seemed like the thing to do. Now, after a half year in the school and the program, I can see where the fellows can bring many different talents to the classroom; different experiences, another adult to help the students during class time, a fresh point of view regarding assignments and projects, etc.