Tanya Augustine

Subject Areas: Biology & Anatomy & Physiology

Partner Fellow: Amy Jordan

Short Bio: This is my third year teaching, I've been teaching biology and A&P for the same amount of time. Prior to teaching I've had a variety of different jobs, from research technician in biotechnologoy, to exercise physiologist in physical therapy to working on research projects in both the US Army and in clinical trials at New England Medical Center. My BA is in biology and my MS is in exercise physiology.

Areas of interest: My areas of interest are those that are directly applicable to the subject matter that I teach, with a focus on molecular biology and biotechnology.

Reflections on GK-12 Program involvement: So far I've had a great time working with Amy. She has been very helpful in assisting students with understanding internet exercises on DNA, to
designing a presentation on PCR as well as helpiong students develop their science fair project ideas. My interest in the program was to have someone who is currently involved in the area of biological research, since it is such a rapidly changing area of study, that as a teacher it is very difficult to stay current with new findings. It is also helpful to have the feedback of someone involved with science who is not part of the teaching community, so has a different perspective on lesson plans and materials design.