Brian Murphy

Graduate Program: G4 Applied Physics

Subject: Physics

Partner Teacher: Charles Duggan

Other Areas of Involvement: Science fair support, GK-12 summer camp

Short Bio: I am from Houston, Texas. I am happy to be a college graduate:

  • B.S. Physics, Stanford, 2001
  • S.M. Applied Physics, Harvard, 2003
I am even more thrilled to have two wonderful sisters. Sarah, the reluctant chemist, is a junior at Princeton. Kelly, the aspiring screenwriter, is a 7th-grader back home. Her latest screenplay is
about a family of orphaned children who live on a boat and solve mysteries. When I was in high school, I was in the marching band, and I attended a number of mental math contests.

Area of Research: Optical detection of colorless molecules

Reason for Involvement in the GK-12 Program:

  1. I believe that people have a right to understand and make their own
    decisions about the technology that is affecting their lives, whether
    as consumers or voters.
  2. I believe that science and technology curriculum desperately needs
    to be updated and that students can learn a great deal about cool and
    current topics even when they don't have all of the usual prerequisite