Amy Jordan

Graduate Program: Molecular and Cellular Biology Ph.D., 4th Year

Subject: Biology



Short Bio: I came to science as a second career. I grew up in Kentucky, where I spent much time outdoors. I led numerous wilderness outings – backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, survival treks – for many groups including “at-risk” youth, Girl Scouts, and many more. In college, I majored in Recreation and Parks Management and worked in the field for several years. I became increasingly
interested in the biology of life and took a couple of undergraduate classes in science at a local community college. A couple of years (and a lot of hard work) later, I landed at Harvard where I am currently a 4th year PhD candidate in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Teaching science via the NSF GK12 program is an excellent vehicle for combining my love of living things, whether they are molecules or students.