Emily Dunkel

Graduate Program: Physics Ph.D., 4th Year

Subject: Chemistry

Partner Teacher: Colleen O'Shell

Other Areas of Involvement: Science fair help.

Short Bio: I was born in Detroit, MI and moved to Fresno, CA when I was in elementary school. I graduated from UCLA in 2001 with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Physics. I obtained my masters degree in Physics at Harvard in 2004, and am currently pursuing my Ph.D. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, playing the flute, going to museums, and reading.

Area of Research: My research is in condensed matter theory, which is a branch of theoretical physics that seeks to understand the fundamental properties of materials.

Reason for Involvement in the GK-12 Program: This is my second year in the GK-12 program. I participate in this program because I enjoy it and find it to be a very rewarding experience. I hope to pass on some of my enthusiasm towards science to the kids, and also hope to serve as a role model.